Features at transferwindow:




blue symbol: you do not have credits with this client
yellow symbol: you do have credits with this client



Stop this client. Cancel the download of this certain client. This can be useful, if this file is right before being finished. Now you can manually cancel slower clients to get the last files from a faster one.



List requested files. This opens an informational window in which you can see which file this client still has and which one he has reqested.



next requested chunk



current transferred chunk



Shows in which way we found this client.
Passive: the client has found us
SLS: the client has been saved and reloaded
Furthermore there are source exchange, server and Kad




This client is a friend who doesn't have credits, recognizable with the green face. If he had a yellow face, he had credits.



grey illustration means that this client has got a Trickle-slot.




more settings and functions at the search window:

At the search window there are 5 different colours which can show your search results:
- black: file exists seldomly
- blue: file exists quite often
- red: file is already being loaded
- green: file has already been loaded
- brown: file has already been cancelled


Furthermore you got the possibility of showing that a file is cancelled by the contextmenu.


more settings and functions file-windows (shared Files):

In addition to the official displays the Xtreme has got a downloaded-history. Here you can see all ever downloaded files (it's the content of the known.met). You are able to delete several or all files from the statistic by the contextmenu.