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What is eMule ? Info

What is Xtreme Mod ? Info

eMule Xtreme is running under Microsoft Windows XP and higher

Main Features:
- Maella Bandwidthcontrol, caculates the real Overhead
- NAFC (network adapter feedback control)
- advanced Uploadbandwidththrottler with adjustable slotspeed
- Xtreme Downloadmanager for a clever source-handling
- improved Xtreme-Creditsystem
- Powerrelease with dynamic Hide OS
- IP to country - show country-flags
- Dynamic Leecher Protection (DLP)
- Universal plug and play support (UPNP) for routers
- hundreds of code improvements


Download latest Release 03.04.11:

emule0.50a Xtreme 8.1 binaries


Get the Latest antiLeech.dll

- current DLP version 44 (16.04.2011) -




Remark: Xtreme does an exact overhead-calculation. This means, Xtreme shows more overhead than other eMule-mods.
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To get unlimited download you have to set the uploadlimit to at least 11 kb/s. We recommend an uploadlimit of about 90% of your uploadcapacity.

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use software firewall and windows optimizer: McAfee, Outpost, Norton