Generell advice


In generall there are following rules:
- a good download won’t come immediately. Emule takes its place in queue of other clients. Therefore it takes some time till it is your turn. Good download rates often cannot be reached before 12 hours after starting eMule.
- there are no optimal settings. Everyone has to try out on his own which setting is the best for your personal demand.
- the right configuration of the Xtreme is reached, when the lines of the upload graph are stable and regular. If NAFC is switched off, this should be the white line; if it is on, it should be the yellow one. Test your router and your actual upload capacity here:
While testing eMule has to be swiched off. The values of this test are only guiding numbers, no reliable statements. Patch your Windows XP so that it is able to produce more half-opened connections. Standard value of Windows XP with SP2 is 9. A value of 50 or more is urgently recommended. This change is made the best way with XP-Antispy ( manual changes are not possible at Regestry, because therefor a system file needs to be changed). After patching please do not forget to change the value at the settings (extended), too.




Savety advice

It is generally known, that there are many Fakeserver to find at the web (e.g. sonnyboy). We do not know which aim they want to pursue, but nevertheless you should avoid any kind of contact with them. Every server found at the server list is regularly tested. That is why every fakeserver has to leave and it is important to make sure they won’t be able to come in again. This is how it works:
In eMule settings-server:
- deactivate “update server list when connecting to a server”!
- deactivate “update server list when a client connects”!
Subsequently go to the server page in eMule; right click to any server you like -> erase all.
Finally enter the following at “update server.met from URL” :
and update it.


Now you have got a clean list that won’t become “dirty” anymore. By the way: the server.met included at the Xtreme is always cleaned up!





Setting advice

The upload should always be adjusted to 90% of the capacity. Using NAFC maybe even higher values are possible. Your adjusted upload is too high if the graph becomes irregular and too many upload slots are opened.


The hardlimit is supposed to be chosen in relation to the upload capacity, because a higher hardlimit also means bigger overhead. At a upload of:
128 kilobit = 16 kilobyte: not more than 3 500 sources altogether
192 kilobit = 24 kilobyte: not more than 5 000 sources altogether
384 kilobit = 48 kilobyte: not more than 10 000 sources altogether
512 kilobit = 64 kilobyte: not more than 13 000 sources altogether
600 kilobit = 75 kilobyte: not more than 15 000 sources altogether
Out of all sources you can now count down to the hardlimit. For instance: I want to find 4 000 sources and got 10 active downloads: 4000 / 10 = 400 as the hardlimit. Loading relatively seldom files, a higher number of simultaneous downloads is better. When it comes to relatively popular files it is better to reduce this number, because independently to the hardlimit you should know: the more popular a file is, the more inquiries you will get for it. More inquiries -> more overhead.